The Integral Leadership Manifesto contains ten short chapters. This page links to each. Also, at the end of each section, a link is provided to the next section.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. The Problem with Leadership Theory

3. The Integral Framework

4. The Leadership Rosetta Stone

5. Understanding People

6. The Gift and Curse of Interpretation

7.  Solving the Motivation Puzzle

8. Conscious Communication

9. Making Subject Object

10. Conclusion




  1. kacimi says:

    subscribe me thanks for leraning it and lancement naza thgis is kacimi moulay lghali

  2. Simon Kuestenmacher says:

    Very impressive work. I love the motivation section. Also the terminology of pluralists, traditionalists and Achievers makes it accessible for discussion with co-workers unfamiliar with integral terminology. I am very impressed…

  3. Stellar work Brett – you keep taking your work to new levels. Fantastic.

  4. Bravo! Brett- great job on the Manifesto! You have an excellent beginning for “uncorking the genie” and refining a nebulous, mystical/magical field of theories, into a usable scaffolding for understanding leadership in it’s multitude of manifestations. It’s good to see this move away from the conventional thinking of one-size-fits all, to a more complex, yet less confusing approach, through the clarity of its components and relative application; Simplicity on the other side of complexity- well done!

  5. Brett Thomas says:

    Thanks for the feedback Peter on the draft of the manifesto. Its great to hear from another integrally-informed colleague pioneering this new territory. I look forward to hearing how you like the remaining sections in the manifesto (and the book later this year) as these come available.

  6. Peter Bryttne says:

    Hi there!
    I liked what I read. It’s early in the morning and I’m over in US to deliver a Business Acumen training to a group of managers at a huge multi national company.
    For many years me and my colleagues have stood by our very simple way of describing what it is that is required in a company to create results.

    The two main issues are:

    We look at them from 3 aspects:
    Me – Individual
    We – The Team/Group
    Company – Corporate
    (Hence my company name – MeWeCo)

    A little example:
    Looking at Me – I may truly believe that “I can do it” = high level of trust and self esteem BUT if I haven’t understood the Meaning of it the likelihood that I will succeed is fairly small.
    If you put the thought into a team where you have several personalities trying to accomplish something it becomes very obvious that in order to achieve the goal you must look into not only the indidual but also the team levels on Trust and Meaning.

    We have developed fairly simple tools to analyze the situation. They are VERY simple to use and is nothing like the huge surveys often used in big organizations. We prefer having groups meet in the morning do some testing and discussions and then in the afternoon get in to discussing what to do about it. Working with business simulations have taught me one very important thing – You need to get From Words to Action fairly quickly to get results. Then you can build complexity as time goes on.

    Anyway – there’s much to be said and I really do appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

    All the best from

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